It’s the logical thing to do:

22 Sep

ask your company if they have conducted an audit of the organization’s own requirements for your Information Security Management System (ISMS); and is it effectively implemented and maintained according to International Standard (ISO) 27001?

Hell yes, it is! That is what they will tell you. But ask the many millions of veterans and civil service workers whose information was stolen from them.  Yes, stolen from them, as like in having to completely change their life style, and some have even changed their names to overcome the disastrous effects from the Office of Personnel Management [OPM] hack. U.S. citizens across the globe are  feeling the effects of it and the worst is yet to come.

The American people are not blind to these facts. They know organizations are being surveyed, monitored, and eventually they will become victims of hackers from foreign nations. Simply because they do not perform the most logical security protections.

The most difficult decision for Americans, is determining which government, financial, utility, retail, and service organizations to trust?  That is becoming harder and harder as organizations are finally admitting they are vulnerable.

It’s time public and private organizations show their allegiance to their customers by proving to them they are protecting your data using well known standards and industry best practices!


~Donald Hoffman, CISM, CTPRP