7.7 Million LabCorp Patients Added to AMCA Breach Tally

6 Jun

How big will the American Medical Collections Agency data breach get?

A second major lab testing firm, LabCorp, has revealed that it, too, is a victim of the “unauthorized access” incident at AMCA, with 7.7 million patients that the lab test firm serves potentially having their data – including, for some, credit card information – exposed.

The news comes after Quest Diagnostics reported on Monday that nearly 12 million of the patients it serves were affected by the breach.

“We are in the early days of learning the full size and scope of this cybersecurity incident,” says privacy attorney David Holtzman of security consultancy CynergisTek.

AMCA is one of the larger collection agencies serving clinical laboratories, hospitals and physician groups, he notes. “Applying the patchwork of state and federal requirements for reporting breaches to the nationwide reach of AMCA’s disclosure of personally identifiable information could mean weeks will pass before all the affected healthcare organizations have completed the notifications to individuals, the media and regulators,” Holtzman adds.

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