5 Ways to Make Your Browser More Secure

22 Oct
Shopping with your browser…read on!

While installing antivirus software is a good start to safe Internet browsing, it’s only a start. There is much more you can do to help protect yourself when browsing the Web than merely installing antivirus.

Here I’ll share a couple ways. In this article you’ll discover extra security features in Firefox and Chrome, sandboxing to secure any browser, third-party DNS service for content filtering, and VPNs for securing your browsing while on Wi-Fi hotspots and other public networks.

Create a master password in Firefox

In Firefox you (or anyone on your Windows account) can bring up the list of passwords that have been saved by the browser when logging on websites. Simply click Firefox > Options > Security > Saved Passwords and you’ll see a list like the one shown in the screen shot.

via 5 Ways to Make Your Browser More Secure – eSecurity Planet.

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