Apple’s iCloud under fire over hacked celeb photos

2 Sep

Apples Icloud HackedJust months after Apple refuted claims that loopholes in iCloud’s security lead to ransomware attacks in Australia, the California tech giant’s cloud platform is once again at the centre of attention over the hacking of celebs’ accounts and the theft of private photos.

Compromising pictures stolen from Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton are understood to be the tip of the iceberg.

While no one is precisely saying there are specific problems with iCloud, the fact is this is where some of the celebs had their photos stored.

Various theories are being mulled about how the hacker accumulated the images: was one device of a celeb hacked opening the door to other celebs smartphones? Were other third party storage providers also compromised? Was it down to lax personal password security by the celebrities themselves?

Another theory being mulled, according to The Next Web, is that a Python script emerged yesterday on GitHub that allowed malicious hackers to “brute force” a target account’s password on Apple’s iCloud.

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