How U.K. Can Improve Ex Mil Recruitment Programmes

3 Sep

In previous articles, we’ve talked about the positive impact veteran hiring can make on a company. We have also discussed recruitment strategies that companies are using to hire the best of the former and reserve military members. From large corporations to mom-and-pop shops, more companies are seeing a boost in their business from hiring our heroes, which has also improved the veteran unemployment rate across the U.S. Since we’ve seen this trend pick up amongst U.S. companies, how long before other countries follow suit?

With our global expansion, I was able to partner with a coworker in our U.K. office about the topic. Simon Wood is equally as passionate about veteran recruitment and sheds some light as to what the U.K. has done to keep their former military personnel employed post enlistment. From our collective understanding, we have observed both similarities and differences, but also some lessons to be learned. Having already covered the situation in the U.S., we’ll now take a look at the recruiting military services leavers in the U.K.

Source: How U.K. Can Improve Ex Mil Recruitment Programmes | WilsonHCG Blog