Unprepared law firms vulnerable to hackers

20 Sep

dt.common.streams.StreamServer.clsComputer hackers are targeting top international law firms, including Pittsburgh-based K&L Gates, to steal intellectual property data and trade secrets, the Tribune-Review found.

Cyber criminals stepped up attacks against lawyers to get around defenses set up by their corporate clients, who became more protective of their computer systems, legal and cybersecurity experts said.

Too often, law firms do not employ the same high level of cybersecurity precautions that many major corporations practice, experts told the Trib. In addition, experts said these hackers increasingly work on behalf of foreign governments — or at least with their implicit protection.

With offices in Beijing, Moscow and nearly two dozen foreign cities, some of the biggest corporations in Pittsburgh and the world — Alcoa, Starbucks, Halliburton and Viacom among them — place their confidence and their trade secrets with K&L Gates. Its annual revenues top $1 billion.

A K&L Gates spokesman confirmed hackers “at times” attempt to infiltrate the company’s information technology systems or introduce malware, as they do at other companies.

Source: Unprepared law firms vulnerable to hackers | TribLIVE

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