SME Services

What Can I do for your Board of Directors? I can assist them in becoming compliant with ISO 27001/2 requirements.  I can only provide my services to your organization with reporting only through your Board of Directors.

  • I will examine your organizations objectives for conducting oversight on company procedures and internal controls. This is done to ensure the availability, integrity, confidentiality and effectiveness of your organizations (data) information as well as related applications and operating systems that support the storage and transmission of your organization and customer (data) information
  • I will provide to you the necessary research and assist your organization with developing and testing of internal controls.  Each organization requires to be compliant with their appropriate regulatory standard, such as OMB A-123, FISMA,  and NIST Special Publications. (please note: Organizational Compliance with ISO 27001/2, satisfies the requirements of most United States regulations.)
  • I will review, analyze, validate, and reconcile appropriate controls related documentation (e.g., Process Overview, Controls Assessments, Attestation Reports, etc.) to ensure your organization is and stays compliant with the law.
  • I will evaluate the effectiveness of your IT internal control systems and financial controls to identify areas of concern, and which improvements, best practices you should be putting into place and a proposed time-line to complete them.
  • I will perform an analysis of your business’ processes and internal controls to identify risks.
  • I will train your senior management staff how to maintain relationships and communicate with key client personnel so they understand business operations, processes, and functions.
  • I will provide recommendations for improving your processes for protecting and auditing your internal controls.
  • I can provide effective processes for performing career development activities and help you develop and administer technical training of staff.